Risks of Golf Injuries

Golf is usually perceived as a low-risk sport, but that doesn’t mean that you can forget about being careful. You might think that it is easy to hit a small golf ball with a club in a wide open space. But you have to know that practice is the most reliable way to prevent injuries in golf. Many young or beginner golfers injure themselves due to the lack of proper technique. No matter how many modern tools like golf rangefinder for example, you use, you are always prone to injuries.

But poor technique is not the only factor leading to injuries. The physical condition of a golfer is very important for a number of reasons. Generally, injuries in golf can be acute and overuse. Overuse injuries occur over time as a result of stress on the back and shoulders during swings. Single traumatic episodes are leading to acute injuries. Injuries of both types should be treated and prevented with rest, stretching and warm-up routines, and advice from an experienced golf player or professional.

Generally, slightly less than half of reported golf injuries occur from overuse, the main causes of which include poor mobility, excessive play, improper technique, and intermittent play.

Lack of mobility is the key factor of injuries in golf. It is generally caused by incorrect warm up or lack thereof. Numerous surveys have demonstrated that warming up before a golf game helps greatly reduce the risk of injuries. Any limitations in the range of motion of the golf swing will limit the ability of a golfer to achieve a proper swing plane, increasing the stress on involved joints and muscles.

The second significant factor in golf injuries is the repetitive manner of the sport as the golf swing involves repetitive movements of the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, spine, hips, knees, and ankles. The more you repeat the golf swing per week the higher is the risk of getting injured because of overuse.

Intermittent play means not remaining in shape not only generally, but during a single golf play as well. If you haven’t played golf for months, you shouldn’t start swinging like the last play was just couple of days ago. If you haven’t been keeping yourself in shape, you probably have lost some of your physical abilities during your pause. It takes time to restore your potential, so be patient. On the other hand, if the pause between rounds in a single game is too long, you should do some exercise to keep yourself in the ready condition. If you are a long-time golfer or a generally physically active individual, you certainly have noticed that warm up increases your mobility and mental engagement in the game.

A key way of prevention of golf injuries is developing a proper swing technique. A golfer with improper swing will place excessive stress on particular parts of their body instead of loading them evenly. Besides the technique itself, warm up and flexibility will greatly impact on the risk of injuries, so a golfer should stretch and perform some warm up exercise before each round. A golfer should never jump right into the game without warming up and hitting some golf balls to work their way up to their actual in-game pace.

Remember about this points and base your golf routine on your personal experience. Don’t forget about proper warm up, practice shots, and even load on your joints. Good luck!

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