Why is Golf Considered a Rich Man’s Sport?

Today, golf is often associated with rich and successful people. What is the reason for that? Actually, the answer to this question isn’t that convoluted. Here are several reasons for golf to be a choice of rich people.

Golf doesn’t need significant physical abilities. Generally, rich people aren’t in the best shape for sports. In a sport like golf, experience and technique are much more important than strength and fitness. That allows rich people in their 50s or 60s to still improve their results in golf. An ordinary person probably will never be able to throw a 100 mph fastball or dunk in a basketball, but elderly rich businessman can make a great hole-in-one to tell his rich friends about.

The entry to golf easier. It is very easy for rich people to get lessons, equipment, and have as many practice rounds on a course as they want, making it unlikely for a young athletic golfer with less experience to be better than more experienced rich golf players. Besides, rich people won’t even have time to compete with others, so easiness of entry is another factor of their choice of golf.

Golf is much safer than other sports. Unlike other sports that rich people are fans of, the probability of getting an injury during a golf game is significantly lower. While there is some risk of getting injured, standing in one place and doing a golf swing pose reduced risks for golf players.

In golf, one can compete against oneself. Rich people are extremely competitive and do not like to lose. During a golf game, you can concentrate on improving your own results and not compete with others as no one is directly trying to prevent what you are going to do.

Golf is legitimate for them. A sport that is sponsored by Rolex, features multi-million dollar athletes, involves major sports brands like Nike and Adidas, and is covered on ESPN’s front page makes golf look serious. Rich people care about high-quality, and that is why golf is so attractive for them. Besides, golf is the only “legitimate” sport that offers safety and chance to excel for older people.

Golf is challenging. Many rich people have accomplished the impossible to reach the heights of their careers. Playing golf might be a new way to bring challenge into their lives. The combination of different factors, such as risk/reward or personal tendencies, can make golf even more difficult strategically, physically, and emotionally.

Golf is convenient to practice. Rich people have very busy schedules. With golf, you don’t necessarily need a companion to play a game, you don’t need to drive far, and can practice almost anytime as golf courses can be open even at nighttime.

Today, there are prestigious golf clubs around the world. Have you heard about golf clubs with half-a-million-dollar membership fees? Such associations are created for those people precisely. Being a member of such clubs helps rich people feel apart from the ordinary world. That is one of the reasons for golf’s popularity among rich individuals.


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