How to Be a Better Golfer

Nuances like golf club selection, aim, course management, work on the fundamentals of the swing and stroke are quite significant in golf. Even skilled golf players do not forget about the most basal aspects of this sport. They know there is always room for them to improve, and so should do both experienced and beginner golfers. Today, we’ll give you a few tips on how to be a better golf player.

Align the clubface at the target. This is the right thing to do to make an accurate shot. Most amateurs make mistakes at this important step trying to align their feet at the hole or getting their shoulders parallel to it. Some inexperienced golfers even to try to align everything.

The only right way to make a precise shot is to align the clubface at the hole. You should always start with first assessing the target from behind the ball, which will give you a perspective over the hole and the necessary trajectory of the ball. Then, you need to set the clubface behind the ball and align it directly at your target. Only then you should get into your stance. The latter will be unique for you, but golfers generally aim their body left of the target line, so you will need to experiment to find your perfect stance.

Be consistent with your stance. Of course, you can do minor adjustments in spine angle, ball position, and stance width, but you generally should use the same stance regardless of the golf club you use. The previous point is the base of this requirement.

Choose the right golf club for the situation. Amateurs generally think that the farther the target is the longer club you should choose to make the shot. That is not entirely true, so you should look really deep into the features and purpose of every golf club to understand which one to use in this or that specific context.

Good grip is important. Solid grip is fundamental in making good shots. To grab the club well, grip the club with the gloved hand and place the handle in the fingers between the firsts knuckle and the palm to emphasize your grip. Next, put your ungloved hand so it comfortably wraps around the handle. Now, the index and thumb fingers of both hands should form two Vs, which should be pointed in a direction to the right of your chest or right shoulder. This approach will make your grip solid.

Use the wind to your advantage. A skilled golfer knows that he should not and cannot fight with the wind. Instead, he accounts for it to make adjustments to his shot. Many amateurs start to worry in the wind, but it might be even better if you know how to adapt your shots to it. For example, if the wind is blowing from the right of the target to the left, you should aim more to the right to try to counteract the wind. But it should not be a battle with the wind, the only thing you should do is to play with it.

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