Risks of Golf Injuries

Golf is usually perceived as a low-risk sport, but that doesn’t mean that you can forget about being careful. You might think that it is easy to hit a small golf ball with a club in a wide open space. But you have to know that practice is the most reliable way to prevent injuries in golf. Many young or beginner golfers injure themselves due to the lack of proper technique. No matter how many modern tools like golf rangefinder for example, you use, you are always prone to injuries.

But poor technique is not the only factor leading to injuries. The physical condition of a golfer is very important for a number of reasons. Generally, injuries in golf can be acute and overuse. Overuse injuries occur over time as a result of stress on the back and shoulders during swings. Single traumatic episodes are leading to acute injuries. Injuries of both types should be treated and prevented with rest, stretching and warm-up routines, and advice from an experienced golf player or professional.

Generally, slightly less than half of reported golf injuries occur from overuse, the main causes of which include poor mobility, excessive play, improper technique, and intermittent play.

Lack of mobility is the key factor of injuries in golf. It is generally caused by incorrect warm up or lack thereof. Numerous surveys have demonstrated that warming up before a golf game helps greatly reduce the risk of injuries. Any limitations in the range of motion of the golf swing will limit the ability of a golfer to achieve a proper swing plane, increasing the stress on involved joints and muscles.

The second significant factor in golf injuries is the repetitive manner of the sport as the golf swing involves repetitive movements of the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrists, spine, hips, knees, and ankles. The more you repeat the golf swing per week the higher is the risk of getting injured because of overuse.

Intermittent play means not remaining in shape not only generally, but during a single golf play as well. If you haven’t played golf for months, you shouldn’t start swinging like the last play was just couple of days ago. If you haven’t been keeping yourself in shape, you probably have lost some of your physical abilities during your pause. It takes time to restore your potential, so be patient. On the other hand, if the pause between rounds in a single game is too long, you should do some exercise to keep yourself in the ready condition. If you are a long-time golfer or a generally physically active individual, you certainly have noticed that warm up increases your mobility and mental engagement in the game.

A key way of prevention of golf injuries is developing a proper swing technique. A golfer with improper swing will place excessive stress on particular parts of their body instead of loading them evenly. Besides the technique itself, warm up and flexibility will greatly impact on the risk of injuries, so a golfer should stretch and perform some warm up exercise before each round. A golfer should never jump right into the game without warming up and hitting some golf balls to work their way up to their actual in-game pace.

Remember about this points and base your golf routine on your personal experience. Don’t forget about proper warm up, practice shots, and even load on your joints. Good luck!

Why is Golf Considered a Rich Man’s Sport?

Today, golf is often associated with rich and successful people. What is the reason for that? Actually, the answer to this question isn’t that convoluted. Here are several reasons for golf to be a choice of rich people.

Golf doesn’t need significant physical abilities. Generally, rich people aren’t in the best shape for sports. In a sport like golf, experience and technique are much more important than strength and fitness. That allows rich people in their 50s or 60s to still improve their results in golf. An ordinary person probably will never be able to throw a 100 mph fastball or dunk in a basketball, but elderly rich businessman can make a great hole-in-one to tell his rich friends about.

The entry to golf easier. It is very easy for rich people to get lessons, equipment, and have as many practice rounds on a course as they want, making it unlikely for a young athletic golfer with less experience to be better than more experienced rich golf players. Besides, rich people won’t even have time to compete with others, so easiness of entry is another factor of their choice of golf.

Golf is much safer than other sports. Unlike other sports that rich people are fans of, the probability of getting an injury during a golf game is significantly lower. While there is some risk of getting injured, standing in one place and doing a golf swing pose reduced risks for golf players.

In golf, one can compete against oneself. Rich people are extremely competitive and do not like to lose. During a golf game, you can concentrate on improving your own results and not compete with others as no one is directly trying to prevent what you are going to do.

Golf is legitimate for them. A sport that is sponsored by Rolex, features multi-million dollar athletes, involves major sports brands like Nike and Adidas, and is covered on ESPN’s front page makes golf look serious. Rich people care about high-quality, and that is why golf is so attractive for them. Besides, golf is the only “legitimate” sport that offers safety and chance to excel for older people.

Golf is challenging. Many rich people have accomplished the impossible to reach the heights of their careers. Playing golf might be a new way to bring challenge into their lives. The combination of different factors, such as risk/reward or personal tendencies, can make golf even more difficult strategically, physically, and emotionally.

Golf is convenient to practice. Rich people have very busy schedules. With golf, you don’t necessarily need a companion to play a game, you don’t need to drive far, and can practice almost anytime as golf courses can be open even at nighttime.

Today, there are prestigious golf clubs around the world. Have you heard about golf clubs with half-a-million-dollar membership fees? Such associations are created for those people precisely. Being a member of such clubs helps rich people feel apart from the ordinary world. That is one of the reasons for golf’s popularity among rich individuals.


Why You Should Start Playing Golf

You probably enjoy vacations spent with your friends and family, especially out of town. It is always nice to get away from the stone and metal of an urban environment into the greenness and freshness of nature. What could be better than quitting sitting in the workplace the whole day and breath some fresh, unspoiled air for some time, even if the latter is quite limited?

What does it have to do with golf, you might say? The answer is, golf courses are usually put in open areas because matches are quite expansive. A golf course is not only about the game as the design of the playground can truly give aesthetic pleasure. They are like a visual recreation of natural scenery with its terrain, vegetation, water bodies, pathways, grass, stonework, and woodwork. The terrain of the playground makes every course unique with its own landscape features, making the experience of a course unrepeatable.

You don’t need to run like a football player on a golf course nor you need to lift heavy weights like weightlifters. You don’t have to be extremely concentrated or nervously look for a ball every single second. You don’t need to have immense strength or great endurance to play golf. It is indeed a competitive type of sport, but it doesn’t mean that one cannot play it with his friends or family to just relax and have some good time. You may be an energetic teen, a tired worker and a parent, or be an old but tough person, that doesn’t matter. All you need to do is take the club, aim, and take a nice, accurate shot. A tough competition isn’t necessary to have real fun, but some friendly excitement and a little desire to be the first might add some thrill into your pastime. Of course, you can be injured in any type of activity and golf is not an exception, so you will have to be careful and look after yourself.

A typical golf course is a huge field-like place, making a golf match a good opportunity to walk around and have a talk with your companions to become closer. Although golf is a peaceful activity, that doesn’t mean that you will have to stay in one spot for the entire play. There are multiple holes on a course you need to hit the golf balls into, so you and your competitors will have some walking exercise and burn calories. Add to that the two – four hours of a single match, and the game might turn out to be quite of a training for you.

Golf is quite popular in such countries as the United States, Japan, Canada, England, Australia, and Germany. There are hundreds and thousands of golf courses in these countries and more than thirty thousand all over the planet. They are almost everywhere in the world, so it is possible that visiting a golf course in your area might be not even problematic. Golf might turn out to be not entirely your kind of activity after all, but you should definitely give it a try to see if it becomes your new hobby.

How to Learn Playing Golf

While golf might seem quite simple, learning proper technique is significant whether you are going to play golf just for fun or become a serious golfer. Setting your goals is important in the regard of your time and money because you’ll have to dedicate your resources differently based on them. You should do some soul-searching before you decide how much you are ready to give to golf.

Regardless of your goal, you should find a professional golf instructor. Of course, if you have experienced friends, they will help you, but it would be much better to take lessons from a teacher who knows all the ins and outs of golf. Developing proper swing technique is important not only for accurate shots but prevention of injuries as well. At the initial stage, you won’t know much about golf, so being supervised by a coach is the only certain way to detect issues in your form and fix them before it’s too late.

Your golf instructor should be not only a good specialist but a good personality fit for you as well. If you and your coach trust each other, that can really speed your improvement. You need to be comfortable and enjoy your experience as you will learn the best if you are free to ask some “stupid” questions and fail a few times.

A part of learning about golf is knowing about golf equipment. In a golf game, your most important tool is your golf club. During a golf game, you are allowed to carry 14 golf clubs, but you won’t need that many in the initial stages of your learning. You need to know about the differences between different types of golf clubs to be able to pick the right one for the gaming situation you are in.

You should resist the temptation to jump right into the game. Everyone wants to know how good of a player they are, but disregarding warm up is a sure way to injuries and disappointment. Before starting seriously aiming for holes, you should get into your playing tempo. Start by warming up your muscles with short swings with short irons. Slowly increase the rate and the speed of your swings before switching to middle irons and then drivers. This should help you get in sync and prevent injuries.

As roughly half of the strokes are done within 50 yards, you should dedicate the most time to practicing shorter shots with wedges and putter. That might sound boring, but the good thing is that you can practice short shots even in your backyard. Try different positions and distances with various clubs to develop the strength and speed of the swing right for your and your club’s characteristics. Put yourself in good lies and bad lies, just like it happens in an actual golf game, to perfect your technique from any angle.

Learning golf is quite complicated and might be stressful for you, so avoid overthinking and instead go back to basics if you feel you are about to burn out. There is so much information to learn about golf, and you cannot absorb and understand everything from the first try and in short period of time. To relax, check the skills and knowledge you have already acquired. Don’t overthink and control your levels of stress.

At the initial stage, this should be enough for you to start your path of a golfer. As you progress and become better, you will discover new issues and will need to look for new ways of resolution. The important thing is to always aim for better results, and if you do this, you will surely become the golfer you want to be.


How to Be a Better Golfer

Nuances like golf club selection, aim, course management, work on the fundamentals of the swing and stroke are quite significant in golf. Even skilled golf players do not forget about the most basal aspects of this sport. They know there is always room for them to improve, and so should do both experienced and beginner golfers. Today, we’ll give you a few tips on how to be a better golf player.

Align the clubface at the target. This is the right thing to do to make an accurate shot. Most amateurs make mistakes at this important step trying to align their feet at the hole or getting their shoulders parallel to it. Some inexperienced golfers even to try to align everything.

The only right way to make a precise shot is to align the clubface at the hole. You should always start with first assessing the target from behind the ball, which will give you a perspective over the hole and the necessary trajectory of the ball. Then, you need to set the clubface behind the ball and align it directly at your target. Only then you should get into your stance. The latter will be unique for you, but golfers generally aim their body left of the target line, so you will need to experiment to find your perfect stance.

Be consistent with your stance. Of course, you can do minor adjustments in spine angle, ball position, and stance width, but you generally should use the same stance regardless of the golf club you use. The previous point is the base of this requirement.

Choose the right golf club for the situation. Amateurs generally think that the farther the target is the longer club you should choose to make the shot. That is not entirely true, so you should look really deep into the features and purpose of every golf club to understand which one to use in this or that specific context.

Good grip is important. Solid grip is fundamental in making good shots. To grab the club well, grip the club with the gloved hand and place the handle in the fingers between the firsts knuckle and the palm to emphasize your grip. Next, put your ungloved hand so it comfortably wraps around the handle. Now, the index and thumb fingers of both hands should form two Vs, which should be pointed in a direction to the right of your chest or right shoulder. This approach will make your grip solid.

Use the wind to your advantage. A skilled golfer knows that he should not and cannot fight with the wind. Instead, he accounts for it to make adjustments to his shot. Many amateurs start to worry in the wind, but it might be even better if you know how to adapt your shots to it. For example, if the wind is blowing from the right of the target to the left, you should aim more to the right to try to counteract the wind. But it should not be a battle with the wind, the only thing you should do is to play with it.